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Dear Friends,

I am writing to thank each of you for your generous support for and confidence in my campaign for Congress.  Although yesterday did not end as we had hoped, I am so proud of all we accomplished on this campaign.  I got into this race as a path to fight for critical issues — equal access to justice, economic fairness, gun violence prevention, equality, and the preservation of our democracy.  Every day brought the opportunity to talk about those issues and to hear the concerns, hopes and dreams of people throughout the new 4th Congressional District.

With your support, we were able to reach voters throughout the district with our message.  We certainly elevated the importance of gun violence prevention as a voting issue, which will be critical not only in Washington, D.C. going forward, but in state capitols as well.

I also hope we were able to raise the voices of and highlight the important place in the political conversation for all those who want to participate.  Diversity is critical — racial, ethnic, gender, geographic, and professional.  We are a diverse party; only when we embrace that and come together to move our broad agenda can we all succeed.

Thank you for believing in me and this campaign.  Every day, I was amazed by your generosity, your strong support, and your willingness to be part of this journey.  Thank you for that gift.