About Shira

Shira is a life-long resident of Montgomery County, growing up in Abington and graduating from Abington High School. Shira went to college at the University of Michigan and law school at Yale, and is now raising her sons here in Montgomery County with her husband Alan Woronoff. Jason is a senior at Upper Dublin High School and Brandon is a freshman. Alan is a radiologist working at Abington Hospital, Jefferson Health System.

Learning from an activist family of community volunteers, Shira has dedicated her career to fighting for stronger, safer, more equal communities. Following two federal clerkships and working as an associate at Ballard Spahr, Shira became one of the most recognized advocates in the state for her work for fair courts and equal access to justice at Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts. For the last five years, she has fought gun violence and for better gun laws as Executive Director of CeaseFirePA.

As a committed public policy advocate, she knows how government works — or doesn’t work — and what it takes to break through the blockade of inaction. She knows how to raise the voices of those calling for change, and to bring together diverse partners working for a common goal. Her experience working with those who agree and disagree will serve her well in Washington, D.C., where our leaders too often cannot hear those with a different voice.

Shira’s parents, who also live in Montgomery County, set an example of service. In addition to working in the public interest sector, Shira has been an active member of the legal community and has also served her community locally and nationally. Her participation in Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and the National Young Leadership Cabinet of Jewish Federation of North America has helped her work to strengthen and support the Jewish community which has been a core part of her family’s life.

Since the 2016 elections, Shira has been thinking about how to expand her role in the fight for progressive ideals and in protection of the principles we all value. She is hopeful this path will help her serve her community in new ways and continue to adhere to her family’s legacy of communal activism.

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Gun Violence Prevention

Currently, we lose 93 people a day to guns — through homicide, suicide and unintentional shootings.  Suicides represent  an especially high percentage of the gun deaths in Montgomery County, and suicides attempted with guns are much more likely to be completed.  We know how to solve the uniquely American problem of gun violence, but our officials in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. are unwilling to stand up for their constituents.  They sacrifice lives for the sake of appeasing the greedy gun lobby. Shira has led CeaseFirePA for the last five years, fighting in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. for better gun laws that would save lives and reduce the devastating toll — physical, mental, emotional and economic — that gun violence wreaks on our communities. Shira will work tirelessly to break the logjam and help us treat this as the public health crisis it is.

A Woman's Right to Choose

Reproductive rights and freedoms have been under attack at the state and federal level.  A woman’s right to make  critical medical decisions for herself and her family are being undermined, as is her ability to consult with medical professionals and access quality care.  Shira will fight to protect a woman’s right to make these decisions and her right to access the care and information she needs to do so.  She will also work to protect the committed providers who work every day to serve women and provide excellent health care.  These decisions are private decisions that women should make in consultation with family and medical providers; government should not dictate or circumscribe a woman’s ability to do so.

Equality and Fairness

Hatred, discrimination and violence have no place in our society, especially when based on race, color, creed, religion,  sexual orientation or identity, disability, age, or national origin.  We have always celebrated difference while also coming together in support of common goals.  We must continue to promote that core value and protect those among us who may be targeted as “other” or “different”.  Here, in Montgomery County, we had early leaders standing up to protect the rights of LGBTQ individuals to marry. This should be a source of pride and should inspire our leaders to strengthen anti-discrimination laws, protect the Dreamers and continue to find pathways to citizenship for those who risk everything to come here, ensure accessibility and the ability to fully participate in our economy, government and social world to those living with disabilities, and stand up against hatred and bigotry.  There are not two sides to this issue. There is simply what is right.

A Strong Economy of Opportunity

We all want a better future for our children. We want them to have the opportunities we had and more.  We give them all the tools we can to succeed.  And we want their peers — in our own and other neighborhoods – to have the same opportunities.  We want a strong economy that encourages saving, enables the next generation to achieve more, and provides a safe and secure retirement for our parents.   

We also  must provide a safety net for those who don’t have the same access to opportunities and advantages. We must fully fund and protect the programs upon which our most vulnerable  rely. The recent delay in finding a long-term funding solution for CHIP held  children and families hostage.  This includes neighbors here in Montgomery County.

We all want to see more in our take home pay and a reduction in taxes, but this cannot be achieved on the backs of working families and those who rely on key programs for sustenance and basic needs.  Although it is too early to know how the new tax law will affect American families, Shira is concerned about the apparent disparity in how long various benefits remain in effect as well as the drastic increase in our deficit fueled by this plan.

Protecting our Democratic Values and Institutions

In the last year and half, the institutions of our democracy have been undermined.  Our democracy is based on respect for separation of powers,  the rule of law, a robust press, and the freedom of the individual to question authority.  All of that has been under attack. Opposition is being treated as disloyalty, or worse, treason.  Institutions doing their job are being undermined by the Executive Branch. The media is taunted and dismissed as “fake news”.  False equivalencies are created, and serious policy debates are being reduced to the 280 character limit of Twitter.  

We can and must do better.  We send people to Washington, D.C. to work hard to solve our toughest problems.  It is an honor to be elected to do that work, and it comes with great responsibility — to represent constituents, listen to those who agree and disagree with you, and work together to find solutions.  Shira is ready to serve.